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“What is it?” ses the madam, putting on her glarses.


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"The subject recovered consciousness a short time ago and began to inspect his enclosure. His method of doing so was to put his own members in physical contact with the various objects in the enclosure. After observing him do this for a time we concluded he might be unable to see and so we illuminated his field of vision for him.


Every girl had partners, the programmes of the more popular spinsters had been filled for days, and usually hopeless wallflowers were not allowed to sit neglected as long as a man who could dance was unwary enough to remain unattached in the ballroom. Even the most unattractive of the three Miss Planes ("Plain," "Plainer," "Plainest," as they were called by irreverent subalterns) had been dancing all night, and as a result of enjoyment looked almost attractive.


Why, no,——she had never taken so much pains with me.



"But I don't in the least understand why you have written this," he said frowning. "Why are you going? Do you mean that you're leaving here for good?"

accounted fortunate for him, since many come to me who would rather not.”


She was evidently determined; but at that moment a tremendous knocking came at the door. "Open! open!" he heard half a dozen voices

Arthur knew the inference that he was expected to draw: in a few months—a year or two, at longest—all these little cares and troubles would have ceased for ever. And it crossed his mind that he might open his extraordinarily difficult announcement by some well-considered professional assurance that his patient might quite conceivably live another ten or fifteen years. He rejected that as being clumsy and tactless—although every form of approach seemed to him, just then, to be either clumsy or cruel. And it was in desperation, alarmed by the growing significance of his own silence, that he at last said,—

For fear lest the revengeful Turks might seek to shell the camp after their recent serious defeat it was deemed unwise to use much light. Men went about with electric hand torches, where they had them, and sought out the wounded. Then these were placed on stretchers and carried down to where a temporary field hospital had been arranged, so that their injuries might be cared for.


  解放军总医院第一医学中心急诊科副主任 陈威:我们新扩建的发热门诊分两个部分,一部分是门诊筛查部分,一部分医学观察部分,我们在门诊筛查部分共设置了5个成人诊室、一个儿童诊区,能够满足每天500(名)发热病人的就诊。 


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